Buying property just got easier

With 9Block, you can enjoy the benefits of property investment without the associated stress and risks. A variety of investment opportunities are available across various areas nationwide.


Investment return value


Million portfolio collection




Investment properties

We acquire properties of various styles and conditions, renovate them with care and attention to detail, making sure they are fully up to the highest level


Increase property value

In planning, architecting, and building residential remodeling projects, our focus is on helping you improve your investment through design that fits your lifestyle


Property dreams

Opportunity is everywhere once you learn how to look. The next great deal is out there today, and we have the real-world expertise to help you find it


Plan your exit

It’s important to have an exit strategy in place when you buy your property so you can be sure you succeed and don’t lose money


Serious investing

We help you identify value and generate more revenue to uplift the value of your real estate portfolio


Serious returns

Investing in real estate can be daunting. We will ensure your success by protecting your interests, maintaining an effective marketing strategy, and always fighting for the best possible price


There's more than one way to invest in multifamily

We're always searching for value which is why we've decided to approach multifamily in a completely different way.

Menashe Davidovitz, 9Block CEO

Do it the 9Block way

We obsess over every detail, big and small, to make sure your experience is the best.

Real estate

Investing for everyone

I've made it a habit to buy at least one investment property a month and I'm really glad I found the 9Block. Thanks for allowing me to buy properties that are cheap and that can make me money in the long run.

Naftali Tzalel